I would like to welcome someone so special. Currently published a book featuring his new work. We had a quick chat with Hayden to see how the things are going with his side of the story...

Can you talk about yourself please?

 I’m based on the Mornington Peninsula down in Victoria, Aus. i shoot photo’s for a living and love sushi ha!


What makes you enjoy photography, what keeps you going?

I guess the idea of doing something i want to do and not what people want you to do or see, i’ve been lucky enough to see some crazy things doing what i love. I can’t sit still either, i hate being in the one place for to long so photography gives me that freedom to move.

Surfing is a huge part of your life, what do you feel when you are surfing?

 It's just a good release, being able to do trips to shoot with guys and get waves yourself is a blessing, i try to surf everyday, it helps clear my head and i can think of ideas to hopefully help create new shit.


Interview : Ryan Alp

Photos : Hayden O'Neill



Can you talk about your latest work Cinema Paradiso? I wanted to do something different than previous work in the past, i’ve been lucky enough to be on the road alot over the past 5 years and i have so many hard drives full of photos that needed a home and i feel that the book ‘Cinema Paradiso’ was where they should end up. It’s basically a portfolio if you will of my personal favourite work from Indonesia to Fiji, Micronesia and beyond.-


What is contagious about it? (Cinema Paradiso) I think it allows people to escape the grind. it’s weird, i’ve had people in places like Germany and landlocked areas across Europe that have been so about the book, like epic comments and emails about the work itself.I think maybe they take more from the book than say people that surf...

I think spending the early morning at the beach wether you are surfing, swimming, walking etc, i think there is no better way to start a day, so having a clean ocean makes us extremely fortunate to be able to make our way to the coast and have healthy lifestyles.

I don't think I will ever have one favourite artist just because I'm consistently growing and changing as an artist so my inspiration changes and especially when listening to music a lot of it depends on how I am feeling at the time. 

Our theme is ocean in this issue. So, as an Australian, what effects does ocean have on you?

Who is your favorite artist? Why?



What makes a perfect shot? Your own style and patience.


What are your suggestions to a Jr photographers out there? Just keep doing it, do it for yourself.