Who are you guys?

 Our names are Jake Thrupp and Maximilian Tobin. In short, we are two 18 year old mates who share very similar interests. We have grown up on the southern Gold Coast of Australia and are well aligned with a relaxed lifestyle which consists of surfing and being outdoors by the water.


How did you start Salty Banter? Name, where does it come from?

We had the idea of creating our own boutique surf label for a while, all we wanted was to create a few softgoods. Softgoods that we felt that coastal youth wanted. As for the name, we brainstormed for about a month and we had variations containing each world, but in the end we decided to join them. We wanted to incorporate an oceanic stigma attached to the name and we felt that the word 'salty' did this, it suited us very well as we are constantly living a raw and natural lifestyle surrounded by waves.

What made you create surf garments? What makes you special?

 We were always spending our limited amounts of money on independent local surf brands and knew that the support for that section in the market was increasing. We have always been into trends in fashion and being different by the choice of brand selection, so we pooled our money together and got inspired to do it ourselves. Consumers are becoming less and less impressed with surf brands whom are mass producing fairly average and thoughtless products, as well as being drenched in fluorescent colour combinations and are standard fitting. These brands have lost the personal touch that we wish to provide along with the purchase of a softgood made by us. We want our buyers to feel the independence in our garment, to appreciate the late nights spent designing, the endless brainstorming processes, the fiddling with low budgets, however still producing earthly quality. Nothing overly pretentious, we want each Salty Banter garment to be the right amount of natural and high end.


Interview : Ryan Alp

Photos : Carlos Walters



How important is craftsmanship from you? We prioritise the craftsmanship of Salty Banter softgoods significantly. We want to establish high end coastal garments, for people who appreciate a quality shirt and whom love to support an independent brand like us. Every garment is heavily scrutinised, we want the quality to be on point before we announce it to our customers. We want the Salty Banter package in which is delivered, to be humble and personal, but knowing that care and prestige has gone into it. We hand package every shirt from our house, we hand attach the swing tags ourselves, we hand draw the designs before sending them off to other artists. Obviously, we want our personal touch to be closely involved in every process of the Salty Banter product. We want people to appreciate their Salty Banter garment as well as the creativity and craftsmanship behind it.-


We have followed you for a long time, what else do you wanna create under Salty Banter roof? We have honestly just been living in the moment with Salty Banter, and with that the stoke keeps growing for us because of how many supportive people have purchased Salty Banter. It is continually growing and we simply cannot keep up, we are always chasing our tail trying to stay ahead of everyone. We are constantly thinking of the next garment and releasing it before the current ones sell out. With just that alone, we appreciate it. We understand how everyone is stoked on quality goods and we want to definitely maintain clothing as the essential core of Salty Banter. As for creating, we are in the process of giving people an experience by branching out into doing social events. We want to bring the individual to the centre of the social event and give them an experience they will never forget.

I think spending the early morning at the beach wether you are surfing, swimming, walking etc, i think there is no better way to start a day, so having a clean ocean makes us extremely fortunate to be able to make our way to the coast and have healthy lifestyles.

I don't think I will ever have one favourite artist just because I'm consistently growing and changing as an artist so my inspiration changes and especially when listening to music a lot of it depends on how I am feeling at the time. 

Our theme is ocean in this issue. So, as an Australian, what effects does ocean have on you?

Who is your favorite artist? Why?

Constantly Growing


How it feels to create something? What feedbacks do you get from your customers? Creating anything in life is definitely a thrilling experience. It still feels surreal that we have customers from all around the world purchasing their Salty Banter garment. For that, we are so grateful and lucky for their exploration in style and determination to seek something new and different in the market. We hope more people who have vaguely heard of Salty Banter now give us a try and love the independent feel to Salty Banter. The feedback from customers has been very supportive and positive in nature. When we told a few people that we had just started Salty Banter, we honestly did not know that they would be so stoked for us on beginning this adventure. That stoke definitely motivates us even more to keep bringing out more softgoods at a more frequent rate.


Last one, name place you want to see the most in your life Both of us are most set on exploring Europe, in particular southern France where it's more coastal. Hopefully while over there we can bring over some Salty Banter and get it stocked throughout boutiques over there. There's definitely a more high end market in Europe heavily focused on quality and design which is what we love.