Tell us the story how ModernCollectiveCo came to life.

 Modern Collective is sort of, it is a collective I guess, it sort of came to life in a couple of years, 2 or 3 years. I started out filming surfing and got to know the industry pretty well you know work with some bigger companies like RipCurl and Billabong. I did a lot of traveling, met a lot of people. The final act come out of that is just some great connections and sort of an idea. I stuck in my head about a year that I would start a label in the surf industry and the socks is an overlook thing, it is a necessity people need to wear socks but it is really overlooked and it is a big thing now in Australia it is growing so I thought you know what I am just gonna go for it. I obviously just got back from Turkey on a trip with Aparat. I was kinda just intreat to go an get it because I saw you guy going for it. I kinda came back inspired after traveling, had a bit of a money and I was like I will do it. I put pen and paper, came up with a few designs, obviously you helped me with graphic design which was good. So thats how it all came to life.

Why socks? How do they differ?

 The biggest difference was socks is a massively overlooked kinda thing. I mean everyone has t-shirts, shorts and hats but in order to be different you gotta be really pushing that so with socks you have a good way to show off and you can also have really cool different design but also the biggest thing is comfort, a lot of my friends skate a lot, they are all skating and surfing whats good to wear nice comfortable socks. We got our cone cotton socks, they are really high quality and they are comfortable so that was the initiative start with socks so we can work our way up.


Interview : Ryan Alp

Photos : Charlie Bennett



How long have been skateboarding? I am probably skating since I was 4 or 5 years old really I got a skateboard of my grandmother when I was about 4 years old for my christmas present. And I started skating in the street and then I started going down the skatepark a bit more. You know I have been surfing a bit too everyone was sort of skating when they’re not surfing because it is kinda like surfing on the land. I started skating a bit and never stopped since.-


Our theme is ocean in this issue. So, as an Australian, what is ocean to you? Well as an Australian ocean is our life because Australia is like a big island. We are surrounded by the water in the coastline and there is no way to get away from it. You can drive inland as far as you want but you will always end up in the ocean. Being surrounded by the ocean is a massive thing for us, I grew up doing lifesaving since I was a really young kid. Ocean is a massive thing in my life, I can be at the beach anytime. It is huge and without it I would go crazy.-

What is the further plans for MCC? Sort of plans at the moment just we are building up in the surfing industry, we sponsored about 12 guys we tthink that sort of can push the brand a bit marketable, a lot of them are young so our target is younger guys, teenagers and early 20’s so we sponsored a few professional surfers and they do a lot of our marketing for us and in a year or two we are going to push it even more but for now we are gonna stick with socks and keep making some more designs and keep people happy and see where it takes us.

I think spending the early morning at the beach wether you are surfing, swimming, walking etc, i think there is no better way to start a day, so having a clean ocean makes us extremely fortunate to be able to make our way to the coast and have healthy lifestyles.

I don't think I will ever have one favourite artist just because I'm consistently growing and changing as an artist so my inspiration changes and especially when listening to music a lot of it depends on how I am feeling at the time. 

Our theme is ocean in this issue. So, as an Australian, what effects does ocean have on you?

Who is your favorite artist? Why?

A Sanctuary


A sanctuary for me umm I love driving down the coast it is a good getaway here you know Melbourne and Victoria is a big place but you can just hop in the car and drive 35 or 40 mins and you got the beautiful coast line and there is no one there and you can do whatever you want that’s where a lot of my ideas and stuff come from. Getting away from home and relaxing, maybe take my dog with me Marley is like my best friend. / I guess North of Australia was another thing for you?/ Yeah like getting up in the country it is a really good place, you round about this wild life, you see a lot of birds and kangaroos and stuff like that! Yeah North of Australia I reckon there’s a lot of opportunities up there I love to get up and go to Gold Coast, a lot of of my mates live up there so yeah. Here is good but I love to get away and go up north.