Alex Hunt is a Melbourne based bloke who makes sick cruiser boards for everyone! He basically uses his garage as workshop to do cutting and shaping in Bellarine Peninsula.


Since the age of 14 he has been working on crafting different kinds of skateboards which includes making a skateboard for himself from the scratch! What makes Hunt Skateboards special is its originality, his passion and craftsmanship! He names each and every board he made unique and different in their own respect!


Article : Ryan Alp

Photos : Alex Hunt

The boards are designed to appeal to the whole spectrum of skaters. Its not just for the pro’s or good skaters, its also for people who just like skateboarding. From downhill bombers, bowlscrapers, the surfers to the city cruisers - It appeals to all, both performance and look wise. They are easy to ride, but you can shred the shit out of them and they go really fast. He clocked 45km/h with no speed wobbles – pretty freaky!


In terms of the actual board, it has been designed with precision to achieve an ideal balance. A balance that incorporates smooth and maximum agility, pure stability, high speed and the perfect ration to create a super versitile board.


We absolutely loved how he came out with such a shape, we can’t wait to have a quick downhill session with him soon in Mel! no hitting 45km/h I guess! Check them out and get yourself a treat from huntskateboards.com.au

In Alexs' own words!

 But what really matters to Hunt Skateboards, is you. We care about community, family and friends. We want to create a culture that welcomes anybody and brings people together. Because we believe these qualities combined with skateboarding can open doors to a more positive perspective on life.