Can you talk about yourself please ?

 Hey guys! My name Is Jackson Brazier, I am a 22 year old social media influencer / Model / Musician & all round class clown. I create videos on a number of platforms such as Facebook, vine, instagram, snapchat and youtube. I play semi professional basketball in the SEABL league for Kilsyth cobras where we travel the South Eastern half of Australia to compete. I love bacon.


How did you decide to open a Vine account?

Well i actually decided to get into vine when i had my appendix taken out and was in bed bored for a few weeks to promote my music, I saw the “7 second Videos” all over Facebook and decided i wanted to check it out! So I downloaded the app and started creating stop motion videos and short “6 second acoustic covers”. I discovered that the more humorous videos were gaining attention, so I began focussing on trying to make little comedy videos. I think my Australian accent helped because it was such an American based app. My following quickly grew to 100,000 then even quicker to 500,000. It now sits around 600,000 giving me the chance to move over to other platforms such as instagram, snapchat & youtube.

When did you discover your talent?

 I feel like growing up through school I was always the “class clown” and just wanted to make people laugh. I knew the line in which teachers would pull me in and they never did. Instead they too laughed at or with me.I knew I either wanted a career in sports or entertainment but had no idea how to pursue it.. Until vine came along!


What do you think makes you funny?

I have a strange sense of humour, and can turn anything into a joke or positive situation. Also I think the fact that I don’t care what people think of me gives me that freedom to be myself.




To be honest I grew up watching a lot of Jim Carey Movies so I subconsciously started acting like him in everyday life. A lot of people tell me I remind them of him so I feel he has been a great inspiration. Also watching youtube at an early age Bo Burnham & Ryan Higa’s videos inspired me to start making my own..-


I quit my full time job 6 months ago now, so vine has given me a chance to do what I actually want to do for a living in the meantime and make something of myself.-

I make a video about hate comments every now and then and just simply take the piss out of them. I think to myself well what are they doing in their life? Haters make great motivators! I want to just make people smile and most of my “haters” would have had a small giggle at at least one of my videos and if not then whatever.

I think spending the early morning at the beach wether you are surfing, swimming, walking etc, i think there is no better way to start a day, so having a clean ocean makes us extremely fortunate to be able to make our way to the coast and have healthy lifestyles.

I don't think I will ever have one favourite artist just because I'm consistently growing and changing as an artist so my inspiration changes and especially when listening to music a lot of it depends on how I am feeling at the time. 

Our theme is ocean in this issue. So, as an Australian, what effects does ocean have on you?

Who is your favorite artist? Why?



The hardest part about this “job” is staying creative and coming up with new ideas every single day. But I’ve done over 900 vines and still going so I think my creativity has always been a massive part of my personality.


Thinking of an idea, somehow squishing it into six seconds, filming it and if it needs to be edited with effects etc then doing that, :) Some vines can take 10 seconds, some can take an hour.