« Who are you guys?

 Jack (vocals), Alex (drums), Lach (guitar, synths).


How did the journey started? 

We all met at various festivals. Alex and Lach met at Laneway in 2013 and Jack and Lach met at Splendour in the Grass. We all got in a room together and wrote 'Hold Me Down'. We put the track up on soundcloud and about a week later it started getting some attention from blogs and then all of a sudden it started getting millions of plays. We weren't ready for anything like that. We’re still not exactly sure how it happened but the internet caught fire and we went along for the ride.


Interview : Ryan Alp

Photos : Charlie Hardy

What does Mansionair mean? How did you guys come up with it? Any story behind it? We were original called "MANSIONS"; we liked the way it looked when it was typed out. But we realised if you typed Mansions in to google you just got pictures of big houses. Even "Mansions Sydney" would just give the local property market information. MANSIONAIR was weird enough but still not too far out to find online.».


What gives you the ability to write? 

We all individually write in very different ways. So every song ends up coming through a different process than the last. Sometimes it means all being a room together talk for hours, and sometimes its writing alone in our rooms and bringing finished ideas to the table. It's a bit like a wild dog, it won’t come when you call it. You have to chase it down and hold on.

What or who is your mentor? (Anything)

 We all came into music from different backgrounds. Alex is from the jazz world. Jack from a folk world and Lach came from an electronic background. We all end up pulling these strange mentors/inspirations that you wouldn’t end up thinking of on your own. We almost look at each other as portals into the musical worlds that we’re new to.


What will be your next move? 

We’re writing at the moment, we’ve been really lucky that we’ve been able to take our time and never really felt rushed in the process. It’s really calming not feeling like the wolf is at the door asking for more music. You get to slow down and make sure what you’re doing is really special.

What makes music richer? Composition, lyrics or instruments?  It all works together right? You can’t put Kesha lyrics over a Queen composition or vice versa. For us, sometimes it’s everything working together that makes it really special. Usually when we write we try and get every part of the song together at the very start. Opposed to writing an instrumental and trying to sing over the top of it. »

Where is your hidden sanctuary? 

We spent a few weeks up at a friends house who lives in this beautiful treehouse in Avalon The only downside was that we had to lug all our gear up this gear hillside into the treetops to build a studio for a week. We have a couple of heavy keyboards and drums that didn’t make it up the hill. It was such a different place that we’re use to. Maybe we’ll try and go back sometime soon.