« Can you talk about yourself please ?

 My name is Carlos Walters; I’m a professional photographer from Sydney, Australia. I am also a surfer, filmmaker and avid adventurer. I don’t like staying in one place for too long.


When did your interest in photography start ? 

My interest started when I was really young, about 11. I would go on holidays with my family and my mother loved taking photos on her 35mm camera, and I became intrigued with the idea of photography. She let me play with the camera and taught me some basic skills.


Interview : Ryan Alp

Photos : Carlos Walters

You know our theme this issue is talent, how did you discover your talent ? I don’t think I necessarily was born with a ‘talent’ for photography as such, or possess some kind of natural ability over anyone else out there. Rather, I think that I found my passion through experimentation: I picked up a camera and realised I had a passion for framing and perceiving the world. This gave me drive that allowed me to learn and hone my skills with photography over time. Who knows, maybe I did have a natural talent for it, or perhaps I just built that talent with persistence. My point is, you don’t know if you are ‘talented’ at something until you try it. The key is passion. ».


We know you are a professional photographer and you do it for a living, Do you have a sanctuary?  

Absolutely, my sanctuary is my home. I live in a small beach-village at the very north end of Sydney, in a suburb called Avalon. It’s a magical place with a beautiful beach and community vibe. I consider this my sanctuary because of the relationships I have here: with my parents, community and the landscape. I love to surf and living right at the beach means I always have the ocean nearby to immerse myself in. I like to call it ocean-therapy.

What made you love photography ?

 I’m not sure exactly. I have always been a very creative person, and I think I found love and purpose through the act of taking photos.


You went on a tour with Nathan, how does it feel to work with someone so talented in music, does it give you a new perspective? 

I went on tour for four weeks with Nathan Hawes in January/February. My official role was to photograph his live shows, although I found myself clicking away at each experience that came our way, be it marvelling at pristine beaches in Victoria or stopping to wander through huge pine forests in Queensland. It was an honour to work with Nathan. It’s a great dynamic when I get to work with other creatives, especially someone like Nathan who is a very talented musician. I think it definitely provides new perspective in the sense that there were multiple creative minds and we could bounce ideas off each other, collaborate. I enjoyed the sense of the unknown on tour – all we knew is that we were driving to the next show – who knew what was going to happen on the way? I enjoy this kind of raw photography, documenting each experience as they unfold, because it provides a very authentic insight into the artist’s lifestyle.

Where do you get your inspirations?  Conversations with strangers in strange lands. Travelling inspires me the most because it has made me appreciate how little I know about this world. I can’t possibly cover it all in this lifetime, but I’m going to give it one hell of a crack. ».


What does your country add up to your talent? How does it change you way of seeing things? 

Australia is a very special place with fantastic opportunities and unsurpassable quality of life. We are incredibly fortunate to call ourselves Australians, and I think that growing up here was an absolute privilege. I am very grateful for what my country has given me, and I am reminded of this every time I travel.


Your favourite photographer? 

My favourite photographer is the one who is having the most fun! If I had to give you a name, I’d probably say my friend Mark Clinton, I definitely admire his work.

Finally any future plans that you want to share with our readers, maybe a new tour with Nathan? 

My future plans include working hard, living and experiencing as much as possible. I’m completely enchanted by travel and I plan to continue to make it a priority in my life. I well may be working with Nathan again in the future, but first I’ve got a couple of personal endeavours. I am leaving for Japan in a few days! I’m itching to get away again and learn about such a beautiful and old culture. First I will be heading to the Hokkaido region, chasing powder and experiencing the mountains on my snowboard. Then I am flying to Tokyo. I can’t wait to take photos in Japan, a country that has been instrumental in the improvement and development of the art and engineering of photography. I’m currently building a campervan, which I am planning to use to explore much more of my home country later this year.